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Objectives of this project are, in no particular order:

  • (PETTIL) make a Forth that runs on my Commodore PET 2001
  • (PETTILmob) find others who are interested in this project
  • (PETTILmini) Raspberry Pi PET emulator with a replica keyboard/case
  • (PETTILmobile) tour the USA in a bus a vintage computer museum
  • create YouTube videos
  • improve my "6502 Code Golf" skills
  • have fun!

PETTIL is my implementation of the Forth programming language, following the FORTH-83 standard. It has some interesting features.

  • PETTIL core
    • Direct-threaded
    • 15 clock cycle NEXT
    • lightweight runtime core, under 6K
    • virtual memory on cassette tape
    • built-in Sweet16
  • PETTIL studio
    • interactive developer environment
    • uses Commodore native screen editor
    • interpreter editor compiler assembler
  • PERTURB test automation
  • Tiddlywiki documentation
  • obsessively optimized for speed & space
  • integration with Rhialto Seibert's KOSMON
  • metacompilation
Target Machine Status
0 PET #700251 unstable
1 PET 3032 (Upgrade) unstable
2 PET 4032 (BASIC 4) unstable
3 PET 8032 (80-column) unstable
4 VIC-20 unstable
5 C=64 pending
6 C128 native future
7 Commodore Plus/4 future
8 Apple ][ future
9 Atari 800 future
current toolstack purpose
Ubuntu Linux 18.04.2 LTS also Ubuntu Studio, Manjaro
Sublime Text 3 excellent code editor
VICE VersatIle Commodore Emulator
xa65 6502 cross-assembler
tiddlywiki for documentation
git revision control
bash make Nodejs awk sed Ruby unix languages & tools
kdenlive OBS ffmpeg Shutter Audacity Blender GIMP multimedia tools
Link Purpose Project homepage Please email ideas and suggestions for the project. PETTIL Documentation PETTIL language development
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