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StealJS is a collection of command line and JavaScript client utilities that make building, packaging, and sharing JavaScript applications easy.


Behold StealJS's goodies:

Dependency Management ([steal])

[steal] loads JS and other file into your app. Features:

  • Loads JavaScript, CSS, Less, CoffeeScript, and a variety of client-side templates.
  • Can be use with scripts that don't use steal.

    steal('widgets/tabs.js', './style.css', function(){ $('#tabs ).tabs();

JS/CSS Concatenation and Compression ([])

The [] plugin combines an application's files into a single minified JavaScript and CSS file extremely easy. Features:

  • Configurable compressors (defaults to Google Closure).
  • Compresses Less and CoffeeScript.
  • Pre-processes and compresses client-side templates (templates don't have to be parsed).

@codestart text js steal/buildjs mypage.html @codeend

Logging ([])

[] logs messages cross browser. Messages are removed in production builds.'something is happening');

Code Generators ([steal.generate])

[steal.generate] makes building code generators extremely easy. Features:

  • Pre-packaged JMVC style code generators.
  • Easily author custom generators.

@codestart text js jquery/generate/app cookbook @codeend

Package Management ([steal.get])

[steal.get] is a simple JavaScript version of [ ruby gems] featuring:

  • Download and install plugins from remote SVN or GIT repositories.
  • Installs dependencies.

@codestart text js steal/getjs @codeend

Code Cleaner ([steal.clean])

[steal.clean] cleans your code and checks it against JSLint.

@codestart text js steal/clean path/to/page.html @codeend

Searchable Ajax Apps ([steal.html])

[steal.html] makes Google-crawlable html from your ajax app.

@codestart text js steal/htmljs http://localhost/cookbook.html#recipes @codeend

Getting Started with StealJS

The remainder of this page walks through using StealJS to create a micro application. The application will use a basic tabs widget to load content from the server and show it in a content area. We'll use steal to generate a google crawlable version of the site.

We won't use jQuery to demonstrate that steal works with any library.

Installing Steal

Download StealJS or JavaScriptMVC and unzip it in a public folder.

Setting up your app.

JavaScriptMVC encourages you to have two root folders. One for reusable widgets, plugins and other code that can be potentially used across multiple applications.

The other folder will be code specific to your application.

Setting up your page

In a page, add the script tag

Loading Scripts

Load other scripts

Load other types (Less and Coffee)

Installing Other Scripts


Cleaning Scripts

Our scripts are ugly, we can clean them ... or JS lint them ...

Make your site crawl-able

If you want Google to be able to find your site, you better make it crawlable.

Google does not know how to crawl ajax applications. However, Steal makes this possible.

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