The Best Debuger & Runtime Console For Unity3D
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The Best Debuger & Runtime Console For Unity3D

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This is a simple UGUI style console。In Mobile and Editor can quickly and easily view runtime Log information, and support asynchronous locally stored, the Log file without changing the game running efficiency and did not produce the gc.
In addition, also provide editable CMD, convenient Runtime debugging
Suggested that the source code into a DLL, can support the Unity type of Log "jump" immediate.>
Please Email: for help.



The default startup shortcut key is ~ key. and mobile should three fingers touch on the screen above 3/4 from the top.


using TinyTeam.Debuger;   
and then:TTDebuger.Log("chiuan");    
Of course support custom message types: TTDebuger.Log("chiuan","Net");    


The default can enter "?" for the registration of all operational instructions    
for example FPS:fps,you can input arg like> 0、1、2 Using the blank space key separate parameters   
0:close the fps   
1:only fps    
2:fps and memory total show   

Accordingly, want to cancel the registration can be used:TTDebuger.UnRegisterCommand("chiuan");    

Convenient CMD, such as: "show" only the different types of Log   
>show net   
Here convenient to specify the view types of custom Log "net" message   
NOTE:must be in the Debug message when you pass the custom types:"net"      

2.3、View Log history

Provide View the old log file,you can open a log file quickly here:   
Note:all log file under your project folder/Log