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<article v-html="parsedMD"></article>
<script lang="ts">
* Hooo boy it's a mess in here...
* Cant decide if I should be parsing the markdown or just use the body_html
* using markdown I have more control but need to work out how to process the shortcode
* using the html everything has been processed but need to figure out how to use highlight.js to style the code blocks
import Vue from 'vue'
import unified from 'unified'
import markdown from 'remark-parse'
import remark2rehype from 'remark-rehype'
import format from 'rehype-format'
import html from 'rehype-stringify'
import report from 'vfile-reporter'
// import hljs from 'highlight.js'
// import 'highlight.js/styles/default.css'
// import javascript from 'highlight.js/lib/languages/javascript'
// import 'highlight.js/styles/github.css'
// hljs.registerLanguage('javascript', javascript)
// import javascript from 'highlight.js/lib/languages/javascript'
// hljs.registerLanguage('javascript', javascript)
export default Vue.extend({
async asyncData({ params, $axios }) {
const post: DevTo.ArticleBySlug = await $axios.$get(
'' + params.slug
let parsedMD
.process(post.body_markdown, function (err, file) {
console.error(report(err || file))
// console.log(String(file))
parsedMD = String(file)
// const highlightedHTML = hljs.highlightAuto(post.body_html)
// console.log('Highlighes', highlightedHTML.value)
return {
// highlightedHTML,
<style scoped>