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A SNES game controller to USB converter.

Now you can use the reliable, long-lasting SNES controller with your computer games and enjoy that retro-feeling!

The objective of this project is to achieve the smallest and cheapest SNES gamepad to usb converter with the most common and easy to get components.


The converter is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and becasuse it makes use of the standard USB HID protocol, no special drivers are needed, just plug & play.

If the game is not compatible with gamepads, you can use some of the gamepad to keyboard mappers, such as joytokey (Windows), qjoypad (Linux), enjoy (Mac OS).


Firmware has been developed using the latest V-USB and avr-gcc version available at the moment under Ubuntu.

The hex file the ATtiny45 requires to work is already compiled and stored inside the firmware folder, it's called main.hex.

To download the firmware to the target, you should have at least avrdude installed in any platform, to install them under Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install avrdude

One of the cheapest programmers os the USBasp, but if you have a different one, please modify the avrdude line to suit your needs.

Now you can download the firmware to the target issuing:

$ avrdude -c usbasp -p attiny45 -U flash:w:main.hex:i

PCB Board

The board files under the schematic folder have been designed using DipTrace. PDF with schematic and gerbers have been exported so there is no need to use the software, unless you want to modify them.

All parts are standard and common, they could be found on eBay at the time of the writing, that way, specialized distributors with high shipping costs can be avoided.

Description Value Pad Quantity
uController ATtiny45 SOIC 1
Resistor 68 Ohm 0805 2
Resistor 1.5 kOhm 0805 1
Capacitor 4.7 uF 0805 1
Diode   DO-214AC(SMA) 2
USB Cable 1.5~2m   1

Thanks to

Based and improved from source code found at:

Special thanks to: andreq, timeblade0 and blackowaya.


USB converter for Super Nintendo controllers



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