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import os
# Input Hint
filename = input("Input filename: ")
k = int(input("how many files you want to split to: "))
# Load the original file
f = open(filename)
file = f.readlines()
length = len(file) # Total length of the file
length_seq = length//2 # Total number of seq(reads)
length_seq_num = length_seq//int(k) # Number of reads in each splitted file
# Splitting the file
for i in range(k-1):
temp = file[i*length_seq_num*2:i*length_seq_num*2+length_seq_num*2]
os.system("mkdir splitted"+str(i+1))
f = open("splitted"+str(i+1)+"/splitted"+".fa", 'w')
for L in temp:
# For the Last splitted file, save all the remained reads
os.system("mkdir splitted"+str(k))
temp = file[(k-1)*length_seq_num:]
f = open("splitted"+str(k)+"/splitted"+".fa", 'w')
for L in temp:
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