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@@ -5,6 +5,20 @@ To use TAR-VIR, you need to have two types of data. (1) read set, such as viral

We provide two methods for installing TAR-VIR and PEHaplo. You can directly install these tools following the instructions below. In addition, we also provide packaged TAR-VIR and PEHaplo via Anaconda, which makes the installation more straightforward.

## New version
If you installed TAR-VIR via conda. New version is available now. please use `conda install -c kennethshang overlap_extension` to update. In the new version of TAR-VIR, we provide a new parameter that allow TAR-VIR run in parallel to save time. If you want to run TAR-VIR on a large dataset, this might be helpfull. The information is shown below:

-t number of threads
Due to the inplementation of TAR-VIR, the number of '-t' satisfy the equation:
k = nt (n = 1, 2, 3 ...)
k is a paramter represents partations of Index. n is any positive integer

## Installing via conda (recommended if you want to install both TAR-VIR and PEHaplo)
Noted that all the packages can be found on, which means you can easily install them by using conda. You can follow the [Guidance]( to install step by step.

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