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Live Stylesheets - Changelog


  • Added "Prettify" button
  • Remove auto-prettify option
  • Increase update timeout to 500ms.


  • Added "Add" button.
  • Fixed frame on pages with no styles.
  • Changed focusing behavior.
  • Fixed @imported url's from different domains.


  • Fixed minor things.


Cleaned up a lot of code. Technical stuff:

The UI's CSS is now stored externally - should improve performance. The stylesheet loading function now uses a parallel asynchronous loop.

Live stylesheets now loads lazily.

This means the elements wont be pre-loaded on every page. This should generally improve performance when browsing with live stylesheets enabled, however toggling the live stylesheets frame for the first time on a page may seem a fraction of a second slower.

Added options:

  • KEY_CODE: The keyCode for the toggle key. Default is 120 (F9).
  • TAB_SIZE: The number of spaces a tab should be. Default is 8.
  • USE_SPACES: Use spaces in place of tabs. Default is false.
  • UPDATE_TIME: The amount of time to wait after a key stroke before updating the CSS. Default is 300 (ms).
  • UNMINIFY: Detect whether the stylesheet is minfied. Attempt to unminify and pretty print it. Default is false. (EXPERIMENTAL)

You can set these at the top of the live.js file. Although I may add a more formal options page eventually, I like to keep things simple.


  • Fixed a problem with @imported stylesheets.


  • ...

(c) Copyright 2010-2011, Christopher Jeffrey (