some links from Arch Wiki are broken after rendering #102

jiyinyiyong opened this Issue Dec 22, 2012 · 2 comments

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I used marked in my personal blog. Several links was rendered incrrectly.

There are really some incredible links on the Chinese version, such as:

And the rendering result on my blog:

which was fine when I post that in a Github Issue:


May be worked around by replacing ) with %29 in URLs.

Note: using \( instead of ( is not necessary in URLs, using \) instead of ) is not necessary in URLs, marked does not seem to process any Markdown escaped characters in URLs.


The fix may probably be achieved by processing some Markdown escapes (specifically \)) in URLs.

Such a fix would also require replacing

inline._href = /\s*<?([^\s]*?)>?(?:\s+['"]([\s\S]*?)['"])?\s*/;


inline._href = /\s*<?([^\s]*?[^\])>?(?:\s+['"]([\s\S]*?)['"])?\s*/;

so that the URL is required to end with [^\] (not an escaping backslash).

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