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Support copy/paste #17

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Preferably through the browser


Copying should be possible on every OS/browser (select text + right click). Pasting works fine with X11 right now. I'm looking for a cross-OS way of doing this. I'm not sure how OSX or Windows will handle it. We'd probably have to resort to hackier/uglier measures to make pasting work with them. With X11 it is easy: middle-click and listen for the paste event. To make things more portable, I'm thinking of a workaround with a textarea since I'm guessing you can't paste "into" a div in any browser with the right-click menu.


We also need copy/paste support for keyboard shortcuts(not in OSX right now).


I'm not very familiar with macs or mac keyboards. As far as shortcuts go, we can't do ^C or ^V for anything, obviously they need to be passed to the terminal. There's no way to rebind copy/paste functionality to a different key combination inside a browser. The best you're going to get is select text + right-click + copy and right click + paste. You can already copy, we just need a workaround for pasting. Pasting currently works on any system using X11 (middle-click).


Right-click + paste should work in chrome now.

@chjj chjj closed this

Copy paste doesn't work at all, tried in OSX && Windows, you just cannot paste (either using right click, paste or by using a shortcut: ctrl+v || shift + insert).

Is there any way I can paste? This is the only thing I really miss from a terminal.



Right-click + paste not working for me in Chrome on Windows. There's just no paste option available.


Hmm, seems to work on Linux. I would encourage keyboard-based copying/pasting. Ctrl+A-Ctrl+V for pasting and Ctrl+A-Ctrl-C for copying should work on windows and linux. There's also more ways to handle this explained in the term.js readme:


Firefox on MacOS -- paste doesn't work

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