Paste not appearing in chrome right click menu #40

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I'm not sure if this is a change to chrome or a regression with 0.2.7, but in Chrome 21.0.1180.49 beta-m there is no option to paste when right clicking on the terminal window.


chjj commented Jul 26, 2012

Bah, well that was an ugly workaround anyway. This whole copy/paste problem is tiresome. Damn operating systems. There's got to be a better way. I think we'll find it eventually.

Paste-mode button that bubbles the ctrl-V one time then resets.

this is really the only thing missing from the terminal for me 🎱

shawnl commented Jul 8, 2013

I get the same problem in firefox

shawnl commented Jul 8, 2013

but paste is working on chrome 25 here on chrome os

risacher commented Dec 7, 2013

Recommend close: paste works in Chrome 31 - from context menu.

GottZ commented Sep 10, 2014

not so recommended close: does not work in chrome 37 on windows

risacher commented Nov 5, 2015

Not working as of today in Chrome 46 and latest GitHub version (0.2.15) (on Windows)

jmls commented Jun 11, 2016

not working today in Chrome-51 (linux)

Seeing as this has been open for 4 years, I would imagine that no work is being done in this regard. Does anyone know of any other tty emulator in javascript that can be embedded in a web page ?

risacher commented Dec 7, 2016

See this gist for user.js code which enables copy/paste in Firefox (as of v50.0.2) and Chrome (as-of v53) :

In Firefox, you ususally have to left-click in the window immediately before right-clicking to get to the context menu.

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