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Installing fails under Ubuntu, when not using -g flag. #42

hobbysoldat opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I am a node js noob and had problems with installing tty.js, until my colleague and node pro pointed out that i should use the -g flag for installation, if I need a global command. When installed without the npm -g flag, the tty.js program won't be available on console, and calling the file using the node_modules/tty.js etc path does not work too.

So just to help noobs like me not waste time (and maybe give up in the end), could you please add the -g flag to the installation instructions? Awesome software by the way!


We can flip preferGlobal to true (it was originally set to false). Most of the time I avoid global installs of node modules. So it's just my philosophical bias showing through here.

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