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Windows support #60

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In regards to pull request:

Rendering issues:
Terminal has incorrect size upon initial draw, but if you resize the terminal by 1px it will have the correct size.

Sometimes upon page load the first terminal does not appear, this is probably related to the nature on term.ready()

I have not discovered other rendering issues, but i'm sure they'll present themself.


@chjj Guess since this has been merged in chjj/pty.js@4f640d0 a couple of bugfixes might be in order.

I've been using tty.js for over a week now and surprisingly everything seems to work pretty good already.

I have filed separate issues for things i've discovered so far.


windows support is not working at all in my case. i have limited testing ability on windows so i basically only test on one machine. its a windows 7 64 bit installation.
nether tty.js nor pty.js is working
i get dont get any error messages but the console is simply empty. a manual pty.write("dir\n") does nothing.
also tty.js only starts within the git console, not in a plain cmd terminal.

i integrated pty.js in nodeMirror ( <- github link in the page).
its working fine on unix (kubuntu / osx) but in windows it crashes(!)

and yes i replaced "bash" with "cmd.exe" for a test and also did a fork instead of spawn.

i would be very grateful for any input or help on the matter.

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