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Releases: chkhld/jsfx

ReaPack and MIDI Chord Trigger

12 Nov 07:10
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Finally added support for ReaPack to this repository, so you can now install and manage my plugins directly from within Reaper, at least if you have the ReaPack extension installed.

There's also a new plugin: MIDI Chord Trigger. It's effectively a "press one key, hear a chord" type thing, with 12 pre-selectable key-switchable chord types. Good for quick piano and orchestral sketches.

Clipper Extravaganza

06 Jun 01:16
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Stereo Checker: Super simple monitoring tool that analyzes the audio going into it and reveals the relation of the two input channels.

Sine Clipper: A clipper that uses the smoothness of the sine wave to tame loud signal peaks.

Knee Clipper - significant update:

  • Added improved "super soft" default clipping method
  • Added metering UI
  • Some code and comment refactoring

Bass and guitar utilities, an excellent Clipper and a Ring Mod

02 Jun 16:09
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Bass Squeezer: Split-band compression and filtered distortion for that instant bathtub bass sound.
Chug Thug: Simplified split-band processor to tame the low end of distorted guitars when palm muting.
Knee Clipper: A clipper neither purely hard nor purely soft, and yet a unification of both.
Ring Mod: Multiplies the input signal with a carrier signal, which can lead to all sorts of warbly modulation and distortion effects.

New Mic Combiner plugin

09 Oct 03:27
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Mic Combiner: Utility to facilitate the process of merging two mono microphone signals into one. Processes each microphone signal individually, allows to set a balance/mix between both microphones, and sums them to mono. Can adjust timing between signals.

Completely overhauled Amp Sim

24 Sep 23:25
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The Amp Sim plugin received a complete under-the-hood overhaul, so many things fixed and improved.
Check the full list of changes if you care.

New graphic EQ 560 and restructured Readme page

22 Sep 15:46
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EQ 560: Classic American 10-band graphic console equalizer. Limited flexibility, fast and streamlined workflow. Uses 2x oversampling for accurate high frequency filter curves, adds some character.

New Impulse Generator, Reference Noise, Stereo Bleed Remover plugins

22 Sep 09:33
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Impulse Generator: create impulses for IR capturing.
Reference Noise: filtered noise profiles to use as mixing references.
Stereo Bleed Remover: remove channel overlap from previously narrowed stereo signals.

New Amp and Cabinet Sim plugins, new Telephone effect plugin

22 Apr 17:41
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Amp Sim: from crunch to creme to carnage.
Cabinet Sim: 5 burnt-in cabinets for guitars and basses.
Telephone: the real "dial", including optional noise and crackles.

New Wave Scope plugin, bugfixes, improvements

28 Aug 12:53
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Wave Scope: A waveform display that can visualize various mono/stereo channel streams as Decibels, signed or absolute samples. With fadeable colours and freeze-on-halt function.
Phase Scope: Primary display colour can now be dialed in to personal preference
Phase Scope: New default "freeze on project stop/pause" freeze mode
Volume Range Trim: Fixed bug in range calculation
Volume Trim, Volume Range Trim: Higher precision for volume changes
Volume Trim, Volume Range Trim: Auto-adapts to track's number of channels
Volume Trim, Volume Range Trim: Faster dB value conversion

Mid/Side for Bus Comp and Consolidator

27 Aug 16:08
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Bus Comp: Added Mid/Side mode
Bus Comp: Fixed Mid/Side related issue
Consolidator: Added Mid/Side mode