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# Big number calculations
# The maximum safe value for base_digits is 7. Anything greater can yield
# incorrect results due to overflow in multiplication.
\base=(^ 10 base_digits)
# Add two numbers.
x y \xh\xt
y [xh;xt] \yh\yt
\zh=(+ xh yh)
\zt=(bn_add xt yt)
lt zh base (cons zh zt);
\zh=(- zh base)
\zt=(bn_add [1] zt)
cons zh zt
# Multiply two numbers.
x [] \xh\xt
y [] \yh\yt
\zh=(* xh yh)
bn_add (bn_mul [xh] yt);
bn_add (bn_mul [yh] xt);
\xt=(bn_mul xt yt)
is_null xt [];
cons 0 xt
lt zh base (cons zh zt);
\carry=(trunc; / zh base)
\zh=(- zh; * base carry)
\zt=(bn_add [carry] zt)
cons zh zt
# Convert a number to a string of decimal digits.
\pad0=(\s . (repeat_str "0"; - base_digits (length s)) s)
x "0" \xh\xt
is_null xt
(num_str xh)
(. (bn_str xt) (pad0; num_str xh))
# Convert a string of decimal digits to a number.
is_void xh void;
is_void xt void;
and (is_null xt) (eq 0 xh) [] (cons xh xt)
\len=(length x)
le len base_digits
\xh=(str_num x)
bn_new xh []
\pos=(- len base_digits)
\xh=(str_num; slice x pos base_digits)
\xp=(slice x 0 pos)
\xt=(str_bn xp)
bn_new xh xt
define "bn_add" bn_add;
define "bn_mul" bn_mul;
define "bn_str" bn_str;
define "str_bn" str_bn;
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