Add filter buttons to a html input to speed up quick search tasks.
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jQuery Plugin for search boxes to provide special actions. These actions are either shown when a regular expression matches, or always.

You should specify the actions from most specific to least specific to get the most relevant actions on top.


Sample Usage

	'actions':[{'test':null, 'title':'Search (default)', 'action':'TODO'},
				{'test':/^test/, 'title':'Checks for test at beginning', 'action':'TODO'}]


actions: [							// Actions to provide?
	{'test':[Regex or Null], 	
	'title':'Text to display',		// You use {0} to display the current search string.
	'help':'Help text',				// This setting is optional. If specified it is displayed instead of the test Regex. 
	'action':function(item, val)}	// Function to execute, the item parameter contains the list-item, 
									// the val parameter contains the input elements value
delay: int, 						// Delay in milliseconds until the popup is shown.
help: bool,							// Display help at the end of the box? default: true 
strings: dict						// See "Localizable strings"
markfrist: bool						// Automatically mark the first item in list?

Localizable strings

List of localizable strings with default values...

'default_text':'Always available: ', 
'help':'Available shortcuts',