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This is the main repository for the R Companion to Montgomery's Design and Analysis of Experiments (2005).

This project was started several years ago. Although it grew smoothly during the first two years or so, it hasn't evolved much since then. I released minor updates from time to time. Last update is 2012-12-02.

Problem is that TeX code is clearly outdated now, and it relies on a tex -> ps -> pdf toolchain, with Python code to tangle R code and create a pictures gallery. There are better options with XeLaTeX (which I tried last year on this document) or lualatex (released with TeX Live 2013). I should fix this at some point. There are more serious issues though: Now, CRAN features many R packages for DoE, and I'm afraid many code chunks should be updated to better reflect state of the art. Lastly, I didn't use Sweave--and I can't remember why--,which makes updating the whole document really painful at times.

So, here are the new development process, after I pushed everything on GitHub:

  • I will keep the old document for historical reason. It can be found in the archive.tar.gz tarball, without intermediate compilation files.
  • The new version will be based on knitr and XeLateX.
  • I will try to update old code using available R packages inasmuch as possible.
  • Newer editions of Montgomery's DAE have been published, but I will stay at Edition 5.