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Visualize a pandas dataframe in a few clicks
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Quickviz provides widgets for quickly visualizing pandas dataframes. It interfaces with seaborn and pandas.plot.


View of the interface

See the gallery (which is also a test suite) for more.


There only one function, visualize. Apply it to your dataframe, and start playing.

from quickviz import visualize as v
from vega_datasets import data

df =

Try it live!


It is often necessary to plot data in order to understand it. Plotting allows to quiclky spot glitches in the data: that person who is 180 meters tall or this car which can speed thousands of kilometers per hour will immediately stand out. In this situation, one wants a way to quickly (rather than beautifully) plot their data. Quickviz provides a set of widgets to do this in a few clicks.


pip install ipywidgets
jupyter nbextension enable --py widgetsnbextension
pip install quickviz


Quickviz does not read the documentation for you! It only makes it easier to use seaborn/pandas with a mouse. In order to understand what you are doing, you still need to dig in their respective APIs.

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