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gave more insights about how merges should be going

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@@ -13,8 +13,10 @@ as possible a set of minimum features:
- *Conflict handling*: if the same document is modified in several places,
the system should keep both versions and yet provide a simple way to
choose between the two versions. Ideally the remote conflicting version
- should be shown as a hidden file that you can 'rm' in order to choose
- the version.
+ should be shown as a hidden file. Removing this file should resolve the
+ conflict in favor of the local version. Moving this file as the new
+ version should resolve the conflict in favor of the remote version.
+ True merges should be avoided.
- *Versioning*: It should be able to automatically keep several versions
of document.
- *Efficient storage*: Versioning must not induce a forever growing size.

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