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GitList Builder: Tools to build gitlist package


Ready to build

  • Core Deb Packages:
$ make build_deb
  • Core Rpm Packages:
$ make build_rpm

Not Ready (Comming soon)

Packages to install configuration files:

  • make apache_deb
  • make apache_rpm
  • make nginx_deb
  • make nginx_rpm


  • To use this package builder you may need to install some development packages like: dpkg-dev or evem rpm;
  • A tarball of a stable release;


To use this builder just download the lastest stable release into this directory and build using the make functions avaible in make help

How to build

The packages can be generated by running Makefile functions like:

$ make build_deb
$ make build_rpm


Core package is a simple source package while a configuration package requires all the dependencies.

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