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XMPP Notification plugin for IRSSI

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XMPP Notfication for IRSSI

Credits: Copyright 2009--2010 Chmouel Boudjnah <>
Licence: BSD


You need to have python-twisted-words installed you can install from source from here

or on Debian or Ubuntu installed directly from the apt repositories :

aptitude install python-twisted-words

Place the file irssi-script/ in your ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ directory and place the file bin/ in /usr/local/bin/ (or somewhere else as long you adjust the irssi variable to the proper path).


  • On the first run the script will create a file in your home directory called ~/.xmpp-notify.ini containing:

    jid =
    password = your_password
    destination_jid =
    mynickname = mynick
  • Fill them with the proper information and make sure the jid and destination_jid can talk to each others with a desktop client.

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