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NEWS for kupfer
kupfer version cXX
Not Released Yet
* New plugin: *Triggers*: Add global keybindings to any command you can
perform in Kupfer.
* The *Favorites* plugin is completely revamped: you may favorite (almost)
any object. Favorites get a rank boost.
kupfer version c19.1
Released 31 December 2009
* New plugin: *Shorten Links* by Karol Będkowski
* Implemented *Ctrl+C* (and *Ctrl+X*) to copy (cut) selected object
* Fix bug LP #498542: restore window position code to c18
* Partial fix of bug LP #494237, window is sometimes blank
* Fix bug LP #500395, column order in *Top* plugin (Karol)
* Fix bug LP #500619, handle network errors in *Google Translate* plugin
* Localization updates:
+ pl (Karol)
+ sv
kupfer version c19
Released 18 December 2009
* New plugins:
+ *Gnome Terminal Profiles* by Chmouel Boudjnah
+ *OpenOffice* recent documents in OpenOffice by Karol Będkowski
+ *Top* show and send signals to running tasks (Karol)
+ *Truecrypt* show volumes in truecrypt history and allow mounting them
+ *Vinagre* Remote Desktop Viewer (Karol)
+ *XFCE Session Management* (Karol)
+ *Audacious* by Horia V. Corcalciuc
* New Slovenian translation by Andrej Žnidaršič
* Some plugins will now explicitly require a D-Bus connection and fail to
load if no connection was found.
* Add accelerators *Page Up*, *Page Down* and *Home* in the result list.
* Use customized or localized desktop directory instead of hardcoding
``~/Desktop`` by default. It will not affect users who already customized
which directories Kupfer indexes.
* It now is possible to favorite shell commandlines
* *Gajim* plugin now works with version 0.13 (Karol) (LP #489484)
* Basic support for Right-to-left (RTL) interface
* Fix bugs with "loose" Applications (not in system directories), reported
by Chmouel.
* Add accelerator *Ctrl+Return* for **Compose Command**: You may compose a
command object out of an (Object, Action) combination, to be used with the
new action *Run After Delay...*.
* Added file action *Send by Email* to *Claws Mail* plugin (Karol)
* Added file action *Mount as TrueCrypt Volume* to *TrueCrypt* plugin (Karol)
* Many small bugfixes
Localization updates:
* de: Mario Blättermann
* es: Jorge González
* it: Francesco Marella
* pl: Karol Będkowski
* sl: new (Andrej)
* sv: Ulrik Sverdrup
kupfer version c18.1
Released 20 November 2009
* Fix bug to toss out malfunctioning plugins properly (Reported by Jan)
* Fix bug in showing the shutdown dialog, reported by user sillyfofilly (LP
* Fix bug in plugin *Document Templates*, reported by Francesco Marella
(part of LP 471462)
kupfer version c18
Released 18 November 2009
* New plugins:
+ *Pidgin* by Chmouel Boudjnah
+ *Google Translate* by Karol Będkowski
+ *APT* (package manager APT) by Martin Koelewijn and Ulrik
+ *Document Templates*
+ *Kupfer Plugins*
+ *Show Text*
* *Gajim* plugin matches contacts by jid as well as name, suggested by
Stanislav G-E (LP 462866)
* Action *Rescan* on sources is now debug only (should not be needed)
* Kupfer installs its Python package into ``$PREFIX/share`` by default,
instead of installing as a system-wide Python module.
* Kupfer can take input on stdin and pass as text to an already running
* Fix bug in *Services* for Arch Linux, reported by lh (LP 463071)
* Changes for plugin authors:
+ May use ``uiutils.show_text_result`` to show text
+ ``kupfer.task.ThreadTask`` is now a reliable way to run actions
asynchronously (in a thread)
+ You can use item *Restart Kupfer* to restart (in debug mode)
+ Plugins may be implemented as Python packages, as well as modules
* Updated the dependencies in the README. pygobject 2.18 is required. Added
gvfs as very recommended.
* Other bugfixes
Localization updates:
* de (Mario Blättermann)
* es (Jorge González)
* nl (Martin Koelewijn)
* pl (Karol Będkowski)
* sv
* zh_CH (lh)
kupfer version c17
Released, 25 October 2009
"A fire lit by nine kinds of wood"
* 8 new plugins by Karol Będkowski:
+ *Claws Mail*, Contacts and actions
+ *Gajim*, Access to gajim contacts
+ *Opera Bookmarks*, for the web browser Opera
+ *PuTTY Sessions*, access to PuTTY sessions
+ *System Services*, start, stop or restart system services
+ *Terminal Server Client*, access to TSClient sessions
+ *VirtualBox*, control virtual machines, Sun or OSE version
+ *Zim*, access pages in the desktop wiki
* New plugin *Chromium Bookmarks* by Francesco Marella
* Plugins missing dependencies will be presented in the GUI with a clear
error message.
* *Firefox Bookmarks* plugin: Workaround Firefox 3.5 writing invalid JSON
(Karol, Ulrik)
* *Locate* plugin: Ignore case by default, add option to control this.
* Kupfer is much more friendly and says "Type to search in *Catalog*" when
it is ready to be used.
* Localization updates:
+ New Simplified Chinese localization (lh)
+ New Dutch localization (Martin Koelewijn)
+ New Portuguese localization (Carlos Pais)
+ Updated pl (Karol)
+ Updated es (Jesús Barbero Rodríguez)
kupfer version c16
Released 5 October 2009
* Translation to German (Thibaud Roth)
* Polish translation updated (Maciej Kwiatkowski)
* Add search engine descriptions from ``firefox-addons`` (Francesco Marella)
* Speed up directory browsing by using much less system calls
* Improve documentation and put it together into a `Manual`.
* Generate man page from reStructuredText document `Quickstart`.
* Evaluate valid actions (per object) lazily to save work.
* Add accelerators *Ctrl+Q* (select quit) and *Alt+A* (activate)
* Parse even horribly wrong search engine descriptions (Bug reported by
Martin Koelewijn)
kupfer version c15
* Translation to Polish by Maciej Kwiatkowski
* Speed up the string ranker tremendously; 3x faster in common cases.
* All objects now have an alias in the basic latin alphabet (if possible) so
that, for example, query `wylacz` matches item _Wyłącz_.
* Show notification icon by default
* Read XML with cElementTree (Faster.)
* Read Firefox 3's bookmarks (Python2.5 requires `cjson` module)
* New Plugin: Image Tools, with action _Scale..._ and JPEG rotation actions
(_Scale_ requires ImageMagick (`convert`), JPEG actions `jpegtran` and
* Basic support for a Magic Keybinding: summon kupfer with current selection
kupfer version c14.1
* Fix two bugs with new browisng mode (soft reset for text mode, backspace or
left to erase a subcatalog search)
kupfer version c14
* Rewrite and improve browsing mode:
* Browsing the catalog or folders is much improved; it is easier to keep the
overview and be oriented.
* Returning to kupfer after having performed an action, the old object is
still available, but without locking the catalog to its location.
When spawning kupfer again, the previous context is available if you
immediately browse; if you search, you search the whole catalog.
* The search times out after 2 seconds if no key is typed. Now the highlight
text will fade to show this.
* Add accelerators `Ctrl+G` and `Ctrl+T` to get current selection in nautilus
and currently selected text (if available).
kupfer version c13.1
* Fix two bugs with _Rename To..._
kupfer version c13
* New Plugin: Calculator
* New Action: _Rename To..._ in File Actions Plugin
* Smaller changes (Stop learned mnemonics database from growing indefinitely,
Catch SIGINT without python's handler, _Copy To..._ requires pygobject 2.18
kupfer version c12
* Translation to Spanish by Leandro Leites
* Preferences. Display plugin settings and options beside the plugin list,
and allow configuring included (and watched) directories.
* Support the new Gnome session protocol to save state on log out.
* Improve embarassingly bad shell command quoting for _Execute_ and Tracker tag
* Specify user data locations with `X-UserData`
* Fix an AttributeError in Notes plugin reported by Francesco Marella
* Smaller fixes (Add/remove favorite could cease to work, Track intantiated
sources better)
kupfer version c11
The "this one goes to 11" release
* New plugin: Notes (Gnote and Tomboy support)
* Access notes, Actions: _Create Note_ and _Append to Note..._
* New plugin: Selected File
* Kupfer ships with a Nautilus python extension that once installed,
you can access the currently selected file in Nautilus from Kupfer,
as the _Selected File_ object
This release is localized in: Swedish (100%), Italian (90%)
kupfer version c10.1
* Spanish Translation by Leandro Leites
kupfer version c10
* Updated italian localization
* New plugins: Url Actions, Web Search (rewritten to use all Firefox' search
* New actions: _Set Default Application_, _Create Archive In..._,
_Restore_ (Restore trashed file)
* Add accelerators `Control+R` for reset, `Control+S` for select first
(source) pane and `Control+.` for untoggle text mode.
* Only the bookmarks plugins can toggle "include in toplevel" now.
* Other smaller changes (Refuse invalid Application objects from the
This release is localized in: Swedish (100%), Italian (93%)
kupfer version c9.1
* User interface consistency and behaviour improvements. UI is simpler and
* Other improvements.
This release is localized in: Swedish (100%), Italian (60%)
kupfer version c9
The "c9" release
* Search and browse perform better
* The interface is now modal. In command mode we can bind special keys to
new functions. Type period `.` to enter free-text mode (just like in QS).
* Pressing kupfer's keybinding again will hide the window.
* Other smaller improvements
This release is localized in: Swedish (100%), Italian (60%)
kupfer version c8
* Make the use of the indirect object pane much more fluid
* Apply interface polish (proper english capitalization of actions and
other objects, other changes)
* Add `Copy To...` action
* Try `xdg-terminal` first in _Open Terminal Here_ (non-Gnome users can
either install `xdg-terminal` or symlink it to their terminal program)
* Allow unbinding the keybinding
* Fix a bug with tracker tags
[Please file bug reports and feature requests.][lp]. Read the files in
`Documentation/` and see how you can add new plugins with object and
application knowledge to kupfer.
This release is localized in: Swedish (100%), Italian (60%)
kupfer version c7
The "choice" release
This is a followup with some small changes after the c6 release, which
introduced lots of major changes, including a preferences window and
"application content."
* Allow wnck to be optional. Kupfer needs wnck to do application matching
and focusing of already running applications, but can now run without it if
wnck is not available. Window List plugin also needs wnck
* Rhythmbox plugin should not crash even if library is not found, now kupfer
can run even if rhythmbox's files are not there.
* Applications will match names as well as the executables, so that "gedit"
matches Text Editor regardless of what the displayed localized name is.
[Please file bug reports and feature requests.][lp]. Read the files in
`Documentation/` and see how you can add new plugins with object and
application knowledge to kupfer.
This release is localized in: Swedish (100%), Italian (60%)
kupfer version c6
The "Sisyphus incremental improvements" release
* Preferences window
* Allows setting keybinding on the fly
* List and enable/disable plugins and set plugin options
* Everything was improved slightly, but steadily
* Understands more applications, provides more files and objects,
and actions with **new plugins:** *Rhythmbox, Abiword, Clipboards, Dictionary,
Favorites, Selected Text, Wikipedia*
* Connect applications with their related object sources and make it their
content, such as Rhythmbox music for the Rhythmbox application.
* Applications contain their recently used documents, if
* Firefox and Epiphany bookmarks are identified with each application
* Miscellaneous improvements:
* Kupfer object icon ("blue box")
* _Some_ default application associations are installed (others
are learned by launching applications).
* Experimental UI with two-line title+description in browse mode
* Thumbnails for files and albums in browse mode
* Allow sending files and queries to kupfer from the commandline
using `kupfer 'query'` or `kupfer docs/file.pdf`.
* Even more plugins listen to change callbacks or filesystem monitors
to be up to date to the instant.
* Do not display nonexisting files as results
* Fine-tune how sources are loaded and refreshed on load
This release deserves lots of testing. [File bug reports and feature
requests.][bug] Read the files in `Documentation/` and see how you can add
new plugins with object and application knowledge to kupfer.
This release is localized in: Swedish (100%), Italian (60%)
Future: part 2 of beautification is refactoring of the interface, so
that the UI can be modularized and exchanged in plugins.
kupfer version c5
The "Beauty from the inside, part 1" release
* Big refactorings of the whole data model
* Move all of the data model to
* Allow actions with indirect objects "threepane kupfer" (with
means to configure which objects to use for an action etc)
* Uses unicode internally, instead of UTF-8-encoded strings
* Some new actions using new possibilities (Open with any, Move file
to new location, Add/Remove tracker tags) but more is possible.
* Basic manual page included
* Fileactions plugin includes unpack archive/create archive
* Ship extra and demonstration plugins in contrib/ and interals
documentation in Documentation/
* Change learning algorithm to recognize an item's type as well
(so that two objects named "project" can be ranked differently)
* Small fixes (alphabethic sorting for applications, sources, check
if objects still exist after an action, rank_adjust default actions
This release deserves lots of testing. File bug reports and feature
requests. Read the files in Documentation/ and see how you can add
new plugins with object and application knowledge to kupfer.
This release is localized in: Swedish (100%), Italian (80%)
Future: part 2 of beautification is refactoring of the interface, so
that the UI can be exchanged. And preferences will hopefully be implemented
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