basic darcsum feelalike for Git
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gitsum.el Can now reuse an existing buffer displaying the same directory Aug 9, 2008


= gitsum.el --- basic darcsum feelalike for Git

Copyright (C) 2008  Christian Neukirchen <>
Licensed under the same terms as Emacs.

Gitsum provides a mode to do interactive partial commits with Emacs.
Run `M-x gitsum' inside a Git repository and kill everything you don't
want to commit with `k'.  You can navigate easily between hunks with
`n' and `p' and between files with `N' and `P'.  A whole file can be
killed with `K'.  If you want to refine the patch, you can split it
with `C-c C-s'.  If you toggle read-only with `C-x C-q', you can edit
everything freely (be careful!).

If you are ready, commit the patch with `C-c C-c' or just `c'.
Enter the message and press `C-c C-c' again.

N.B: If you want to add files in the commit, use `M-x git-status' from
git.el, add the files with `a', then switch to gitsum with `s'.  You
can only add files as a whole.  You need git.el from the git
repository then.

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