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Nota Bene, a quick note-taking tool for Emacs
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nb - Nota Bene, a quick note-taking tool for Emacs

nb—Nota Bene—is a note-taking application with Emacs integration akin to Notational Velocity.


mkdir ~/NB
cp nb.el ~/.emacs.d
cp nb ~/bin
cat <<EOF >>~/.emacs
(require 'nb) 
(global-set-key [f11] 'nb)


Type M-x nb or the bound key to search for notes: each search term is a grep(1) regular expression that has to appear somewhere in the note.

Use M-x nb-new-note to create a new note.

Notes are kept in ~/NB and are named based on the first line of the note. It is a good idea to place a title there.


To the extent possible under law, Christian Neukirchen <> has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.


Github page


Christian Neukirchen


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