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= Known issues with Rack and ECMA-262

* Many users expect the escape() function defined in ECMA-262 to be compatible
  with URI. Confusion is especially strong because the documentation for the
  escape function includes a reference to the URI specifications. ECMA-262
  escape is not however a URI escape function, it is a javascript escape
  function, and is not fully compatible. Most notably, for characters outside of
  the BMP. Users should use the more correct encodeURI functions.

= Known issues with Rack and Web servers

* Lighttpd sets wrong SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO if you mount your
  FastCGI app at "/". This can be fixed by using this middleware:

    class LighttpdScriptNameFix
      def initialize(app)
        @app = app

      def call(env)
        env["PATH_INFO"] = env["SCRIPT_NAME"].to_s + env["PATH_INFO"].to_s
        env["SCRIPT_NAME"] = ""

  Of course, use this only when your app runs at "/".

  Since lighttpd 1.4.23, you also can use the "fix-root-scriptname" flag
  in fastcgi.server.
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