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ruby-wrapper - a tiny Ruby selector that sets up meaningful paths

ruby-wrapper is a tiny shell script that wraps multiple Ruby installations and allows clever management of $LOAD_PATH.

ruby-wrapper should be totally transparent in use: you don't need to change any code.

Directory structure


Determining $PROJECT

Go up the directory tree until there is a lib/ or a bin/ directory.

New environment variables


Select $RUBY from the $RUBYPATH/$PATH as Ruby binary.

Changed environment variables


gets prefixed with (first searched first):



gets prefixed with:


This allows you to run binaries with ruby -S coolprogram, or directly with bin/coolprogram if the shebang points to ruby-wrapper.


Adjust DEFAULT_RUBY in the script, then:

% cp ruby-wrapper ~/bin/ruby

You'll want to ensure your globally installed Ruby tools (irb etc.) use “#!/usr/bin/env ruby”.


% ruby ...

Advanced usage

# No need to setup paths
coolproject/test% ruby test_all.rb
coolproject% bin/coolprogram

# Tools should use ruby-wrapper
coolproject% irb
>> require 'coolproject'
=> true
# else...
coolproject% ruby -S irb

# Vendoring
coolproject% mkdir vendor
coolproject% cp -r ~/projects/foo vendor
coolproject% irb -rfoo

# Choose Ruby interpreter
coolproject% RUBY=ruby-1.8 coolprogram
coolproject% RUBY=ruby-1.9 coolprogram
coolproject% RUBY=~/src/rubinius/bin/rbx coolprogram

# Change default Ruby interpreter
coolproject% mkdir -p .ruby/bin
coolproject% ln -s /usr/bin/ruby-1.9 .ruby/bin/ruby
coolproject% bin/coolprogram

Advanced usage with rup

coolproject% rup install --here ~/src/thirdpartyproject