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Testing Scripto

Scripto uses the SimpleTest PHP testing framework. By running these tests, you can:

  • Test your external system's adapter for expected results;
  • Test the your MediaWiki instance via Scripto's MediaWiki API client;
  • Test the Scripto_Document base class.


  • Download the SimpleTest framework;
  • Copy config.php.changeme to config.php:

On the command line:

$ cd /path/to/scripto/tests/
$ cp config.php.changeme config.php
  • Set the configuration in config.php:

You can use the following document IDs to test Scripto's Example adapter:

// Test document ID.
define('TEST_DOCUMENT_ID', '16344');


// Test document ID.
define('TEST_DOCUMENT_ID', '[Facsimile of] letter to Messrs. O. P. Hall et al from Lincoln.');

Running the Tests

On the command line:

$ cd /path/to/scripto/tests/
$ php all_tests.php

In the browser:

  • Make sure the Scripto tests directory is available to your web server;
  • Go to http://your-domain/tests/all_tests.php