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require_once 'config.php';
* Test the selected adapter.
* This tests the external system API by calling its adapter directly and
* testing for expected return values. It tests one document thoroughly as an
* indication that all others are valid.
class TestAdapter extends UnitTestCase
private $_testAdapterFilename;
private $_testAdapterClassName;
private $_testDocumentId;
private $_testAdapter;
* Use __construct() instead of setUp() because it's unnecessary to set up
* the test case before every test method.
public function __construct()
$this->_testAdapterFilename = TEST_ADAPTER_FILENAME;
$this->_testAdapterClassName = TEST_ADAPTER_CLASS_NAME;
$this->_testDocumentId = TEST_DOCUMENT_ID;
public function testAdapterIsValid()
// Assert adapter file exists.
$this->assertTrue(file_exists($this->_testAdapterFilename), 'Example adapter file does not exist');
// Assert adapter file is instance of Scripto_Adapter_Interface.
require_once $this->_testAdapterFilename;
$adapter = new $this->_testAdapterClassName;
$this->assertIsA($adapter, 'Scripto_Adapter_Interface', 'Example adapter is not an instance of Scripto_Adapter_Interface');
$this->_testAdapter = $adapter;
public function testDocumentIsValid()
// Assert document ID is valid and exists.
$this->assertTrue((is_int($this->_testDocumentId) || is_string($this->_testDocumentId)), 'Document ID must be int or string (' . gettype($this->_testDocumentId) . ' given)');
$this->assertTrue($this->_testAdapter->documentExists($this->_testDocumentId), "Document ID \"{$this->_testDocumentId}\" does not exist");
// Assert document title exists.
$documentTitle = $this->_testAdapter->getDocumentTitle($this->_testDocumentId);
$this->assertIsA($documentTitle, 'string', 'Document title must be a string (' . gettype($documentTitle) . ' given)');
public function testDocumentPagesAreValid()
// Assert valid document pages format.
$documentPages = $this->_testAdapter->getDocumentPages($this->_testDocumentId);
$this->assertIsA($documentPages, 'array', 'Document pages must be an array (' . gettype($documentPages) . ' given)');
$this->assertTrue(count($documentPages), 'Document pages must not be empty');
// Assert document first page is valid and exists.
$documentFirstPageId = $this->_testAdapter->getDocumentFirstPageId($this->_testDocumentId);
$this->assertTrue((is_int($documentFirstPageId) || is_string($documentFirstPageId)), 'Document first page ID must be int or string (' . gettype($documentFirstPageId) . ' given)');
$this->assertTrue(array_key_exists($documentFirstPageId, $documentPages), "Document first page ID \"$documentFirstPageId\" does not exist");
// Iterate all document pages.
foreach ($documentPages as $pageId => $pageName) {
// Assert document page exists.
$documentPageExists = $this->_testAdapter->documentPageExists($this->_testDocumentId, $pageId);
$this->assertIdentical($documentPageExists, true, "Document page ID \"$pageId\" does not exist");
// Assert document page name exists.
$documentPageName = $this->_testAdapter->getDocumentPageName($this->_testDocumentId, $pageId);
$this->assertIsA($documentPageName, 'string', "Document page name for page ID \"$pageId\" must be a string (" . gettype($documentPageName) . " given)");
// Assert document page URL is valid. There's no consistant,
// reliable, and lightweight way to validate a URL, even with
// regular expressions, so just check to see if it returns a string.
$documentPageImageUrl = $this->_testAdapter->getDocumentPageFileUrl($this->_testDocumentId, $pageId);
$this->assertIsA($documentPageImageUrl, 'string', "Document page image URL for page ID \"$pageId\" must be a string (" . gettype($documentPageImageUrl) . " given)");
public function testImportTranscriptions()
// Must install a parallel external system to test imports. This may be
// too involved to be feasible for most people.