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Wishlist items - items for post-launch and/or possible future development #6

mialondon opened this Issue Jul 31, 2013 · 5 comments
  • Create a Serendip-o-matic Zotero library that could act as the seed for queries from people who don't have one.
  • Set up link tagging on Google Analytics to track e.g. how many people go back to the input screen to run a second query and how many people click on links to sources
  • Now that the project is named and has URLs etc we should re-apply for all the API keys and update them in the config
  • Implement the 'rearrange' functionality with backend fields that work as expected (ie right quality stuff in the right fields)
  • Use Europeana 'completeness' score in query if not already
  • Improve randomness of query term combination - Scott W has ideas for this
mfrazer commented Aug 1, 2013
  • Query additional APIs (placeholder - will need to move some from the "wishlist - this week" list

We should consider pulling out django-social auth zotero backend for easy re-use (e.g., similar to or


technical/cleanup items for post-launch

  • set up repo for git flow and document for potential contributors #106
  • unit testing + continuous integration (running on travis-ci if possible) #108; heroku #107
  • code documentation with sphinx, github hooks to readthedocs
  • move query api code into a sources module with individual files, document so it is clear to contributors how to add a new source, and adjust group source handling so including a new api doesn't require changes to the view
  • document heroku deploy for others to easily use (also relates to #107)

Anoter idea we had at one point (not sure if documented elsewhere) embed COinS for easy harvest of results page items via Zotero

@mfrazer mfrazer was assigned Oct 8, 2013

I suspect these need reality checking and making into individually assignable issues; some are presumably already out-dated.

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