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A reading list for the modern critical programmer
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A Critical Reading list on Tech && (Politics || Society || Ethics)

An opinionated reading list for the critical programmer. Books and articles about the intersection of Technology with politics, society and ethics. A list curated by programmers for programmers.

This repository collects interesting books and articles useful to understand political, social and ethical discourses about new technological developments. Understanding this connection is necessary to create a fair and sustainable future. The discourse affects programmers and tech people that become passive actors. This is due to their general lack of interest in these topics, scarcity of time to dedicate to non-technical readings and the existence of barriers preventing inter-disciplinary communication with philosophers, journalists and artists.

The goal of this list is to give a track to follow to get up to speed, understand the implications of tech in modern society and be able to participate in the debate, so that engineers can inform themselves in order to develop their own discourse. This is step necessary to go beyond the reductionist, simplified views that in the past years prevented us to take a relevant role in shaping our present. The list is kept short by design, with just a few articles on each subject. We don't want it to be overwhelming. If an article made the cut, it means we deem it a necessary reading.

The List is a continous work in progress. It will be updated with new and better material. Feel free to contribute by opening a issue here on GitHub


AI is probably the most contested field in the last few years, where many actors are trying to dictate the narrative, either for ideological reasons, economical interests or both. The Academia and the Engineers are lagging behind but recently more and more content is being produced to counter the established narrative.

AI, in this context, means a fuzzily-defined set of technologies that include machine-learning, at-scale data gathering and analytics, modern industrial automation, chatbots, autonomous vehicles, drones control systems and other technologies.

AI and Ethics

AI and Politics



  • Resisting reduction [2017]: using the religion around Singularity, the author presents in a concise way what does it mean to deal with complex systems and why naive, reductionists views should be rejected when presented as solutions to social problems.
  • Do Artifacts Have Politics?[1980]: in a single paper, the author highlights how both engineers and social scientists misinterpret the relationship between technology and society. In particular he attacks the narrative, widespread among engineers, that artifacts have no political properties in themselves and that function or efficiency are the only drivers of technological design and implementation.

What is going on around you and what role do you play in it?

  • Post-capitalism: A Guide to our future [2015]: a short reflection on how the information economy has changed the rules of labor and market, how Tech might shape them in the future and how new technologies and how changing how programmers work will help us achieve critical medium/long term goals.

  • Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a world without work [2015]: this book outlines a practical strategy to act upon the current problems of our society and places engineers and makers in a pivotal position to shape a better idea of future. The book explains how tech people are greatly empowered by the new economic and political conjunction to shape the future.

  • Notes from Below: Technology and the Worker [2018]: this journal details different aspects of being a worker in Tech nowadays, reporting real life examples on what is going on politically and socially in American big tech companies, and how Tech workers are beginning to organize themselves.


Contributions are welcome

Other Reading Lists

Newsletters and periodical publications

  • Tech Worker Coalition Newsletter: newsletter of the Tech Worker Coalition, a modern labor union for American Tech Workers. Covers news on Technology, strikes in the IT sector and new high-quality content in the discourse.
  • Logicmac: The Magazine about technological critique. Released in seasonal issues with a central topic and contributions from different authors and specialists.


Feel free to add your contributions through issues and pull requests. We invite diverse and conflicting voices to participate in the discussion as long as they respect the premises of this list and the content proposed is solid, sound and well-founded.



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