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Commits on Oct 08, 2012
@cordoval cordoval typo phpze -->phpize 218f534
Commits on Oct 10, 2012
Shuhei Tanuma Merge pull request #29 from cordoval/patch-1
typo phpze -->phpize
Commits on Sep 18, 2013
@weltling weltling fixed config.w32 28d98d0
@weltling weltling fix nts build e5d7c31
@weltling weltling kick unused variable ad66774
Commits on Dec 02, 2013
@chobie update sundown library. 7cd7faf
@chobie fix #34. fix incorrect render_html flags.
[incorrect render flags]

* filter_html
* no_images
* no_links

above render flags didn't work previous PECL sundown.
 please be carefull changed(correct) render flags behavior.
@chobie Merge branch 'weltling-development' ef2c285
@chobie fix compile error 257d4ea
@chobie add patch for buffer.h c74da41
@chobie add missing regression test for #34 02756e6
@chobie fix patch a8920ab
@chobie add note for windows user 7c46a99
@chobie fix typo c199533
@chobie move contributors section into file 0025a14
@chobie add 5.5 ca35830
@chobie remove needless gather task 76ed088
@chobie improve coding styles and use ZEND_STRS macro 5c8592b
@chobie use ZEND_STRS macro 968867e
@chobie [xhtml render] improve readability for overriding `xhtml` flag value. 3d3a2b0
@chobie [html render] change cunstructor parameter type. c1e4921
@chobie [sundown\markdown] improve readability 84f0783
@chobie [ci skip] don't use development branch. I love github flow style 5cf42e6
@chobie sorry, i'll release currenct master as 0.3.9 in this weekend
0.3.x => (deprecated)sundown library
0.4.x => hoedown library
@chobie add escape_html render flag beb9e5c
Commits on Dec 08, 2013
@chobie improve readability 4805d1a
@chobie add --enable-sundown-debug configure flag e388b9f
@chobie realign code blocks 1a18627
@chobie use common function to render markdown 4700057
@chobie improve readability 37f9ea7
@chobie remove needless function f95d809
@chobie mark next extension flags 1c8c597
@chobie fix typo d3384b6
@chobie change email address 34c4da8
@chobie fix test case title 6ee7949
@chobie add various markdown test case from karlcow/markdown-testsuite b6adce3
@chobie add readme and license 95595bf
@chobie bumped up 0.3.9.
next 0.4.x release will change sundown library to hoedown as sundown has
been deprecated.
0.3.x releases are bug fixes only.

* improve readability
* use common internal `php_sundown_markdon_render` for rendering
* markdown.
* add various markdown test case from karlcow/markdown-testsuite
* add --enable-sundown-debug configure flag for configure option.
* add escape_html render flag
* xhtml render always overrides `xhtml` flag

[bug fix]
fix incorrect render_html flags

* filter_html
* no_images
* no_links
Commits on Dec 09, 2013
@chobie improve patch fca5ff9
@chobie don't apply patch when configure ad94eaa
@chobie bumped up 0.3.10.
this release for imporve windows support.

 * windows compatibility
Commits on Dec 15, 2013
@remicollet remicollet fix segfault in sundown_render_base 9f2d92a
@chobie Merge pull request #37 from remicollet/issue-0310
fix segfault in sundown_render_base
Commits on Jan 02, 2014
@chobie bumped up 0.3.11
fix segfault in sundown_render_base