Add a whitelist for html tags #27

touhonoob opened this Issue Sep 9, 2012 · 3 comments

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I found a pull request about this feature on Reddit's Sundown fork: reddit/snudown#38
Is it possible to implement this on php-sundown?
Thank you


Hmm, It's difficult as I guess I can't keep that patch for latest sundown.
you should put a ticket on vmg/sundown about this feature. I'll implement it if vmg accept that PR.
otherwise, I can't do right now.


The vmg repository is no more maintained for some years. Integrating their code to your project is not possible ? Or I don't know, maybe just forking it under an organization ?

It will be benefic for all of us.

ping @vmg


Woops, there is a guy that had my idea before me :) .

phpsundown should follow the fork isn't it ?

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