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#!/bin/bash -x
# Almost worked...
source scripts/env
mkdir -p build/deps/mozilla-current
cd build/deps/mozilla-current
[[ -f $HGREV.tar.bz2 ]] || wget$HGREV.tar.bz2
[[ -L mozilla-central ]] && rm mozilla-central
[[ -d mozilla-central-$HGREV ]] && rm -rf mozilla-central-$HGREV
tar -jxf $HGREV.tar.bz2
ln -s mozilla-central-$HGREV mozilla-central
cd mozilla-central
# Use of __android_log_print and __android_log_write requires from our
# toolchain. However, llog also has a dependency on which our toolchain
# DOES NOT have so we need to substitute for something less Androidy (apologies).
patch -p1 < $COUCH_ANDROID_HOME/patches/mozilla-central.patch
exit 0