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These notes pertain to building openssl without building the entire
Android ecosystem.  Since we don't do this anymore these notes are for
hysterical raisins only.


# Get the source.
git clone git://

# Go into the directory.
cd openssl

# Trick the NDK into thinking this is the project dir. This is the easiest and only way I could find to do it.
touch AndroidManifest.xml

# Give the NDK build system the it needs. I couldn't find a way to specify this manually, and it seems the jni bit is hardcoded.
mkdir jni
echo "APP_PROJECT_PATH := $(pwd)" >> jni/

# Edit all the's.
nano crypto/
nano apps/
nano ssl/

# In all of them you need to replace "external/openssl" with "$(NDK_PROJECT_PATH)". Also in crypto/ you need to comment out the assembly stuff so that it always uses aes/aes_core.c
# Obviously you won't have any assembly optimisations then, but I couldn't get them to work. :-/

# Finally run:
path/to/android-ndk-r4b/ndk-build -j2

# and are in
cd libs/armeabi