A simple SQL/JDBC component for Scala, loosely based on the groovy.sql.Sql component.
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ScalaSQL: A simple JDBC interface for Scala

ScalaSQL is basically a component to handle simple interactions with databases via JDBC, getting connections from a DataSource (if it's really necessary I'll add direct connection support later on).

This is loosely based on the Groovy SQL component, with some important differences:

  • Scala doesn't have string interpolation (and the one that's coming in 2.10 sucks anyway), so only ?-type params are supported.
  • Only DataSource support is available for now (direct connection support is really only useful for scripting, and sometimes even from a script you might want to handle transactions)
  • The rows method returns an immutable list of immutable maps, following Scala's conventions
  • The firstRow method returns an optional immutable map
  • The eachRow method passes an immutable Map to the closure
  • The maps returned by all these methods will have None as the value for NULL columns.
  • The queryFor(Int|Long|String|BigDecimal|Date|Type) methods will all return Optional values.

The execute, executeUpdate and executeInsert methods (should) work just like in Groovy.

I know there is already a project similar to this one, but it doesn't have transaction support and it's got a bunch of stuff I don't really need (although, it has already direct connection support, so if that's what you're looking for, it might be a better option for you).

I intend to use this for server-side applications, so thread safety and performance are very important aspects of this project.

This software is released under the Apache Software License version 2.0.