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DEPRECATED: Chrome extension to mute rooms on ChatWork.
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ChatWork Mute Room Extension

Chrome extension to mute rooms on ChatWork. / ChatWork の特定のルームをミュートする Chrome extension です。

DEPRECATED: Please use official mute feature. / 公式のミュート機能を使用してください。


  1. Install from Chrome Web Store
  2. Open ChatWork
  3. Select the room you want to mute
  4. Copy ID displayed in the address bar (ex.!rid1234567 -> 1234567)
  5. Select the icon in the menu bar, Enter the copied ID, Press the Add button, Press the Save button
  6. Reload ChatWork


See Releases


Install Node.js

$ cd src
$ npm install # or yarn install
$ npm run watch

Edit files and build by Webpack.

To package files:

$ npm run build:package

Create in root directory.