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AnimPaint Release


[AnimPaint 0.0.1]

AnimPaint is a lightweight painting and animation solution for Windows OS.
It is designed for the fastest animation workflow, whilst maintaining maximum accessibility.
When an animation is done, the user can sequentially save their frames in a file and import
them into a video editing solution of their choice.

Double-click on the AnimPaint executable file to open, and start on your masterpiece!

Hint: Draw something with the paint tools, then press "K" to add a new frame, the onion skin feature
will show what the previous frame looked like, so that a new frame can be easily drawn on top.

[0.0.1 Features]

-Line Drawing
-Freehand Drawing
-Ellipse Drawing
-Rectangle Drawing
-Freeform Polygon Drawing

-Change Fill/Brush Colour
-Change Fill/Brush Style
-Change Line/Pen Colour
-Change Line/Pen Style
-Change Line/Pen Width

-Shortcut Hot Keys

-Load Bitmap
-Load Bitmap Stamp
-Save Animation

-Animation Play/Pause
-Animation Next/Previous Frame
-Animation Add Frame
-Animation Delete Frame
-Animation Frame Speed
-Animation Onion Skin
-Show/Hide HUD

Created by John (Zheng Yu) Bu. May, 2018.
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