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Chocolat Building Glue

The goal of this repo is to collect shell scripts that take a source file as input, and pass it through a compiler/interpreter/linter/etc.

We're on ##chocolatapp on if you want to help out.

The file TODO.txt contains the status of all languages we could think of (though it isn't exhaustive).

Script Types

The project is organized as <language>/<implementation>/<script>.sh. We take a wide view on what an "implementation" is: if two tools are likely to be installed together and don't have conflicting scripts, we consider that the same "implementation". For instance: ruby and irb are part of the implementation "ruby", but clang and gcc come under their own implementations. In cases where multiple implementations are provided for, the most common should be tagged [default].

There are a limited number of allowed script names:

  • should run the file found in the environment variable $CHOC_FILE.
  • should load the file found in the environment variable $CHOC_FILE into a repl.
  • should should perform syntactic (and optionally semantic) checking on the standard input passed to it (it's important that it uses standard input if possible and not $CHOC_FILE since we want to be able to check as the user is typing).
  • should build the file found in the environment variable $CHOC_FILE and put its result into $CHOC_BUILD_DIR.
  • should run the file found in the environment variable $CHOC_FILE under an interactive debugger.

If you have ideas for more scripts, please let us know.

The .chocbuild file

The optional .chocbuild directory lives in the project's directory and/or user's home directory. It provides alternative scripts to use when building. For instance, you can pick a different script for javascript with

$ cat ~/.chocbuild/javascript/
rhino "$CHOC_FILE"

Note the lack of an implementation directory. It's just .chocbuild/<language>/<action>.sh.

Environment Variables

A few environment variables are provided to scripts:

$CHOC_BUILD_DIR  # Where to put build products. Defaults to "build"

$CHOC_FILE           # The path to the file
$CHOC_FILENAME       # The name of the file
$CHOC_EXT            # The file's extension
$CHOC_FILENAME_NOEXT # The name of the file with the extension removed

$CHOC_BUILD_DESTINATION # If the build product is only one file, this provides a suggestion for its path. Defaults to $CHOC_BUILD_DIR/$CHOC_FILENAME_NOEXT

$CHOC_FILE_DIR       # The directory that contains the file
$CHOC_PROJECT_DIR    # THe directory of the base project (may not be the same as $CHOC_FILE_DIR)

$CHOC_TEMPFILE_1     # A path to a temporary file in which you can (please don't use mktemp since it uses the wrong location). The file will be deleted after the script exits.


Chocolat building glue.



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