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NEWS: Make note of some of the post-3.0.0 developments.

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### General
* The 0 and 5 keys on the number pad can now be bound independently
of any other keyboard key. (thanks BlooD2ool)
* Man page generation has been reworked to use autoconf macro
substitution, making it eaiser for downstream forks to change the
project name. (thanks Jon)
* Several functions have been hardened against incomplete reads and
error conditions, and made safer. (thanks turol)
* We now print a meaningful error message when a savegame cannot be
loaded. (thanks Zodomaniac, chungy)
* Fixed an exception thrown by the Windows kernel when debugging with
GDB. (thanks AXDOOMER)
### Build systems
* Microsoft Visual Studio files have been removed due to technical
limitations of the software preventing cross-version
compatibility, difficult dependency management, as well as being
unmaintained in general, resulting in a very difficult process to
get up to speed using this IDE and Chocolate Doom.
### Hexen
* ACS code has been hardened against potential security
## 3.0.0 (2017-12-30)
Chocolate Doom 3.0 is a new major revision. The main change is that

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