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fragglet opl: Use SDL_mixer post-mix hook for OPL output.
Using Mix_HookMusic() to generate the OPL output stream works fine if
you only ever play OPL music and don't want to use the normal music
output functionality of SDL_mixer. However, now that it's possible to
use substitute music packs with any music output type, this is no longer
the case. Using Mix_HookMusic() disables normal output from eg. Ogg and
FLAC playback. As an alternative, use the post-mix hook and mix the
output from the OPL emulator there.

Cleanup fix as part of #440.
Latest commit 3bde136 Oct 25, 2018
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CMakeLists.txt Chocolate Doom now builds May 3, 2018 add CMakeLists.txt and win32 to EXTRA_DIST Jun 5, 2018
ioperm_sys.c Clean up file headers. May 5, 2014
ioperm_sys.h Clean up file headers. May 5, 2014
opl3.c opl: Nuked OPL3 v1.8 Mar 22, 2018
opl3.h opl: Nuked OPL3 v1.8 Mar 22, 2018
opl_internal.h opl: Make opl_driver_t name member const Mar 31, 2018
opl_linux.c opl: limit use of ioperm/inb/outb to x86 architecture Nov 6, 2015
opl_queue.c opl: fix time calculation after tempo change Apr 12, 2016
opl_timer.c Add thread name to SDL_CreateThread calls. Nov 28, 2014
opl_win32.c opl: Add API to adjust tempo. May 10, 2014
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