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This is a plugin for PS3 Media Server that adds support for MEncoder edit decision lists (EDLs). For information on creating EDL files, see here.


This plugin should work on all platforms supported by PS3 Media Server.

These instructions assume you have the latest version of PS3 Media Server (PMS) and the latest version of Java.

EDLs require MEncoder, so if it is not being used automatically, it will need to be invoked via the #--TRANSCODE--# folder.


  • stop PMS
  • download and save the plugin to the PMS plugins directory
  • restart PMS


  • stop PMS
  • remove the jar file from the plugins directory
  • restart PMS


  • stop PMS
  • replace the old jar file with the new version
  • restart PMS


There are two ways to name an EDL: per-file and per-folder. Per-file EDLs take precedence over per-folder EDLs.


To create file-specific EDLs, place each .edl file in the same folder as the video it applies to. The .edl file must have the same filename as the video with an .edl extension appended e.g.

  • Big Buck Bunny.mp4
  • Big Buck Bunny.mp4.edl


To create an EDL that applies to all videos in a folder, create a file called folder.edl.

  • Episode 1x01.mp4
  • Episode 1x02.mp4
  • folder.edl


To build the plugin from source:

  • install the latest version of gradle
  • create a subdirectory called lib/ and add/symlink a recent (>= 1.30.1) pms.jar there
  • run the default jar task by entering the command: gradle

The generated jar file can be found in build/libs.

Troubleshooting and Support

  • Check the PMS debug.log




Copyright 2011, chocolateboy.

PMS-EDL is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0.