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@@ -10,21 +10,36 @@ Currently, it requires an unreleased PMS build (revision >= 604).
These instructions assume you have the latest version of [PS3 Media Server]( (PMS) and the latest version of [Java](
-* Download and save the [plugin]( to the PMS plugins directory
+# Installation <a href="Install"></a>
+* stop PMS
+* Download and save the [plugin]( to the PMS `plugins` directory
* Restart PMS
-## Usage
+# Uninstalling <a href="Uninstall"></a>
+* stop PMS
+* remove the jar file from the `plugins` directory
+* restart PMS
+# Upgrading <a href="Upgrade"></a>
+* stop PMS
+* replace the old jar file with the new version
+* restart PMS
+# Usage <a href="Usage"></a>
There are two ways to name an EDL: per-file and per-folder. Per-file EDLs take precedence over per-folder EDLs.
-### Per-file
+## Per-file
To create file-specific EDLs, place each `.edl` file in the same folder as the video it applies to. The .edl file must have the same filename as the video with an `.edl` extension appended e.g.
* Big Buck Bunny.mp4
* Big Buck Bunny.mp4.edl
-### Per-folder
+## Per-folder
To create an EDL that applies to all videos in a folder, create a file called `folder.edl`.
@@ -36,7 +51,7 @@ EDLs require MEncoder, so if it is not being used automatically, it will need to
For information on creating EDL files, see [here](
-# Building
+# Building <a href="Build"></a>
To build the plugin from source:
@@ -46,7 +61,7 @@ To build the plugin from source:
The generated jar file can be found in `build/libs`.
-# Troubleshooting and Support <a name="Troubleshooting"></a>
+# Troubleshooting and Support <a name="Help"></a>
* Check the PMS `debug.log`
<!-- * For more details, discussion and troubleshooting tips, see [this thread]( -->

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