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import com.chocolatey.pmsencoder.command.MPlayer
This protocol uses MPlayer as the downloader.
Only the following Navi-X output fields are supported:
url // required: media URL
agent // optional: HTTP user-agent
referer // optional: HTTP referrer
player // optional: currently ignored
Although most fields are optional, there is no point using this protocol unless
at least one optional field is supplied.
boolean values (none currently) can be set without a value e.g. navix://channel?url=http%3A//
values *must* be URL-encoded
keys are just alphanumeric, so don't need to be
init {
profile ('navix://') {
pattern {
protocol 'navix'
action {
def mplayerArgs = []
def pairs = http.getNameValuePairs(uri) // uses URLDecoder.decode to decode the name and value
def seenURL = false
for (pair in pairs) {
def name =
def value = pair.value
switch (name) {
case 'url':
if (value) {
// quote handling is built in for the URI
uri = value
seenURL = true
case 'referer':
if (value)
mplayerArgs << '-referrer' << quoteURI(value) // requires a recent (>= June 2010) mplayer
case 'agent':
if (value)
mplayerArgs << '-user-agent' << quoteURI(value)
case 'player':
if (value)"player option for navix:// protocol currently ignored: ${value}")
logger.warn("unsupported navix:// option: ${name}=${value}")
if (seenURL) {
downloader = new MPlayer()
args (downloader.args) {
} else {
logger.error("invalid navix:// URI: no url parameter supplied: ${uri}")
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