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Web video plugin for PS3 Media Server
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This is a plugin for PS3 Media Server (PMS) that adds configurable support for web video streaming.


Due to an issue in the Mac OS X build of PMS, PMSEncoder doesn't currently work on Macs. In addition, PMS doesn't support web streams for the Xbox 360. PMSEncoder should work on all other platforms/renderers supported by PS3 Media Server.

These instructions assume you have the latest version of PS3 Media Server, the latest version of Java, and a recent MEncoder.


  • download the PMSEncoder jar file and place it in the PMS plugins directory
  • shut down PMS and add pmsencoder to the front of the list of engines in PMS.conf e.g.
    • engines = pmsencoder,mencoder,tsmuxer,mplayeraudio &c.
  • restart PMS


To upgrade to a new version of the plugin, simply replace the old jar file with the new version in the plugins directory, and restart PMS.


To uninstall PMSEncoder, remove the jar file from the plugins directory and remove pmsencoder, from the list of engines in PMS.conf.


To build PMSEncoder from source, see the Wiki.


  • To work around the PMS bug that causes web video playback to be delayed for ~40s, uncheck "HTTP Engine V2" in the PMS "General Configuration" tab. This can also be done by setting http_engine_v2 = false in PMS.conf. Then restart PMS. See below for caveats.
  • To take PMSEncoder for a spin, try this WEB.conf, which contains a list of feeds that are regularly tested and updated.
  • The Community Beta of PMS includes a patch that restores support for GameTrailers feeds.


  • Internet Explorer saves .jar files as .zip files. Either save the file with a different browser, or rename it, replacing the .zip extension with .jar.
  • If you disabled "HTTP Engine V2", try re-enabling it as some renderers, such as the Sony Bravia KDL-37V5500, require it.
  • If PMS.conf doesn't exist (see here for the default locations), create it by clicking the "Save" icon in the PMS GUI.
  • If the list of engines doesn't exist in PMS.conf, follow the instructions here.
  • Make sure there's only one version of the plugin in the plugins directory.
  • Make sure the edited PMS.conf is the one PMS is using (search the filesystem for other copies).
  • Make sure pmsencoder is still first in the engines list.
  • Make sure mencoder_path is not set (or is not pointing to the old, standalone version of PMSEncoder).
  • Make sure the error is reproducible after a PMS restart. Caching in PMS and/or the PS3 often produces one-off errors.
  • Check the PMS trace, PMS debug.log, and pmsencoder.log (which should be in the same directory as the debug.log) for errors.

Reporting Issues

Please do the following when reporting any issues:

  1. restart (or start) PMS
  2. try to stream a web video
  3. wait until it fails
  4. post your PMS.conf, pmsencoder.log and debug.log (as a zipped attachment)


For more details, discussion and troubleshooting tips, see the wiki and this thread (start here).




Copyright 2009-2010 chocolateboy.

PMSEncoder is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0.

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