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PMS.conf options

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The following options can be defined in PMS.conf to customize PMSEncoder.

PMSEncoder-specific options


Absolute or relative (to the PMS working directory) path to a custom log4j.xml config file. To store the PMSEncoder logfile under a different name, or in a different location, copy the built-in config file, and adjust the appender/File parameter. To decrease or increase the verbosity of the logfile, change category[name="com.chocolatey.pmsencoder"]/priority to e.g. "WARN" or "TRACE" respectively.

By default, PMSEncoder writes to a logfile - pmsencoder.log - in the same directory that PMS uses for its debug.log. This option allows a different directory to be specified (as an absolute path).The logfile directory is determined by checking the following values (in this order): 1) the system property 2) the PMS.conf option 3) the log directory used by PMS.

PMSEncoder can use custom scripts, similar to GreaseMonkey userscripts, to add support for new sites. These are written in Groovy (and should have a .groovy extension) and can be placed in a script directory. An absolute or relative (to the PMS working directory) path to a script directory can be defined with this property; otherwise, if it exists, PMSEncoder defaults to looking in the pmsencoder subdirectory of the PMS working directory.


Scripts can be made hot-swappable with this property. If set to an integer value n greater than 1, the script directory is polled for changes every n seconds, and, if any of the scripts have been modified, they are all reloaded. This allows scripts to be developed interactively, without having to restart PMS to test every change.

Application settings

Paths and settings for interpreters, downloaders and other third-party tools that are not (necessarily) specific to PMSEncoder. Note: unless otherwise indicated, paths should point to executables (e.g. /python/scripts/youtube-dl, C:\\Scripts\\youtube-dl.exe), not directories (e.g /python/scripts, C:\\Scripts).


Backslashes in Windows paths should be doubled e.g.

rtmpdump.path = C:\\Apps\\rtmpdump\\rtmpdump.exe

In addition, third-party command-line applications should be installed in paths without spaces on Windows e.g.

rtmpdump.path = C:\\Apps\\rtmpdump\\rtmpdump.exe rather than C:\\Program Files\\rtmpdump\\rtmpdump.exe


  • get-flash-videos.path (site)
  • notify-send.path (Linux/Unix binary)
  • perl.path (site)
  • python.path (site)
  • rtmpdump.path (site)
  • youtube-dl.max-quality (default: 37)
  • youtube-dl.path (site; Windows .exe)
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