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Release notes for PMSEncoder 1.5.x

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The 1.5.x series of releases are maintenance builds released to make ongoing fixes available. Please read the notes below carefully before reporting issues.


As of PMSEncoder 1.5.8, versions of PS3 Media Server (PMS) older than 1.40.0 are no longer supported.

Upgrade notes (upgrading from PMSEncoder < 1.5.0)

  • Scripts are now bundled as a standard library. If you have downloaded any scripts, they should all be removed (the scripts directory can be removed). Unless explicitly advised to do so, scripts should not be downloaded from the forum or GitHub and placed in the scripts directory (this was never recommended, and is now guaranteed to break PMSEncoder). If you have developed any scripts, please post on the forum for updates.
  • Profiles that depend on external tools such as rtmpdump, get-flash-videos/perl &c. don't match (i.e. won't work) unless paths for those tools have been defined in PMS.conf (see PMS.conf options).
  • PMSEncoder now uses ffmpeg as the default transcoding engine. This is significantly more reliable than mencoder in most cases.
  • Scripts are now executed in stages (represented by the keyword used to define the script): begin, init, script, check and end. The standard library has been rewritten to use stages to correctly handle dependencies.

See the changelog for more details.