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This is the Powershell module that extends Chocolatey with new functions.


Install via chocolatey: choco install chocolatey-core.extension.

The module is usually automatically installed as a dependency.


To create a package that uses an extension function add the following to the nuspec specification:

    <dependency id="chocolatey-core.extension" version="SPECIFY_LATEST_VERSION" />

NOTE: Make sure you use adequate minimum version.

To test the functions you can import the module directly or via the chocolateyInstaller.psm1 module:

PS> import-module $Env:ChocolateyInstall\helpers\chocolateyInstaller.psm1
PS> import-module $Env:ChocolateyInstall\extensions\chocolatey-core\*.psm1

You can now test any of the functions:

PS>  Get-AppInstallLocation choco -Verbose

VERBOSE: Trying local and machine (x32 & x64) Uninstall keys
VERBOSE: Trying Program Files with 2 levels depth

Keep in mind that function may work only in the context of the chocolateyInstaller.ps1.

To get the list of functions, load the module directly and invoke the following command:

Get-Command -Module chocolatey-core

To get the help for the specific function use man:

man Get-UninstallRegistryKey
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