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function Enter-Dotnet4 {
Runs a script from a process hosting the .net 4 runtime
This function will ensure that the .net 4 runtime is installed on the
machine. If it is not, it will be downloaded and installed. If running
remotely, the .net 4 installation will run from a scheduled task.
If the CLRVersion of the hosting PowerShell process is less than 4,
such as is the case in PowerShell 2, the given script will be run
from a new a new PowerShell process tht will be configured to host the
CLRVersion 4.0.30319.
.Parameter ScriptBlock
The script to be executed in the .net 4 CLR
.Parameter ArgumentList
Arguments to be passed to the ScriptBlock
if($PSVersionTable.CLRVersion.Major -lt 4) {
Write-BoxstarterMessage "Relaunching PowerShell under .net fx v4" -verbose
& powershell -OutputFormat Text -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy bypass -command $ScriptBlock -args $ArgumentList
else {
Write-BoxstarterMessage "Using current PowerShell..." -verbose
Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock $ScriptBlock -argumentlist $ArgumentList
function Is64Bit { [IntPtr]::Size -eq 8 }
function Enable-Net40 {
if(Is64Bit) {$fx="framework64"} else {$fx="framework"}
if(!(test-path "$env:windir\Microsoft.Net\$fx\v4.0.30319")) {
if((Test-PendingReboot) -and $Boxstarter.RebootOk) {return Invoke-Reboot}
Write-BoxstarterMessage "Downloading .net 4.5..."
Get-HttpResource "" "$env:temp\net45.exe"
Write-BoxstarterMessage "Installing .net 4.5..."
if(Get-IsRemote) {
Invoke-FromTask @"
Start-Process "$env:temp\net45.exe" -verb runas -wait -argumentList "/quiet /norestart /log $env:temp\net45.log"
else {
$proc = Start-Process "$env:temp\net45.exe" -verb runas -argumentList "/quiet /norestart /log $env:temp\net45.log" -PassThru
while(!$proc.HasExited){ sleep -Seconds 1 }
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