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Git for Windows focuses on offering a lightweight, native set of tools that bring the full feature set of the Git SCM to Windows while providing appropriate user interfaces for experienced Git users and novices alike.


  • Git BASH: Git for Windows provides a BASH emulation used to run Git from the command line. *NIX users should feel right at home, as the BASH emulation behaves just like the "git" command in LINUX and UNIX environments.
  • Git GUI: As Windows users commonly expect graphical user interfaces, Git for Windows also provides the Git GUI, a powerful alternative to Git BASH, offering a graphical version of just about every Git command line function, as well as comprehensive visual diff tools.
  • Shell Integration: Simply right-click on a folder in Windows Explorer to access the BASH or GUI.

Package parameters

  • /GitOnlyOnPath - Puts gitinstall\cmd on path. This is also done by default if no package parameters are set.
  • /GitAndUnixToolsOnPath - Puts gitinstall\bin on path. This setting will override /GitOnlyOnPath.
  • /NoAutoCrlf - Ensure 'Checkout as is, commit as is'. This setting only affects new installs, it will not override an existing .gitconfig.
  • /WindowsTerminal - Makes vim use the regular Windows terminal instead of MinTTY terminal.
  • /NoShellIntegration - Disables shell integration ( "Git GUI Here" and "Git Bash Here" entries in context menus).
  • /NoCredentialManager - Disable Git Credential Manager by adding $Env:GCM_VALIDATE='false' user environment variable.
  • /NoGitLfs - Disable Git LFS installation.
  • /SChannel - Configure Git to use the Windows native SSL/TLS implementation (SChannel) instead of OpenSSL. This aligns Git HTTPS behavior with other Windows applications and system components and increases manageability in enterprise environments.

Example: choco install git.install --params "/GitAndUnixToolsOnPath /NoGitLfs /SChannel /NoAutoCrlf"


  • The package uses default install options minus cheetah integration and desktop icons. Cheetah prevents a good upgrade scenario, so it has been removed.