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Getting started

  1. You will need a local running instance of SQL Server and Visual Studio 2013 or above
  2. In Visual Studio, open ChocolateyGallery.sln
  3. In the Website project, open web.config
  4. Locate the connectionStrings section, and modify the NuGetGallery connection string to point to your local instance of SQL Server. It's not a bad idea to change the database name (initial catalog) just to avoid confusion. For example if your SQL Server instance is named SQL2016, you could use: <add name="NuGetGallery" connectionString="Data Source=.\SQL2016;Initial Catalog=Chocolatey;Integrated Security=SSPI;MultipleActiveResultSets=False;" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" /> Note: the database does not need to exist
  5. Open the Package Manager Console (Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Package Manager Console)
  6. If prompted, restore any missing NuGet packages (Don't use nuget restore from the command-line as this will pull in extra packages that cause the build to break)
  7. Run the Update-Database command in Package Manager Console (if the command is not found, try reloading the solution in Visual Studio)
  8. The database named in the connection string should now exist in your SQL Server.
  9. Press Ctrl-F5 to start the web application without debugging
  10. Your web browser should launch, showing the chocolatey home page
  11. Click Signup and enter details to create a new account
  12. To make this account an administrator, run the following SQL against your new database eg. Use SQL Server Management Studio or sqlcmd from the command line. Note: Replace 'username' with the name of the user account you just created
DECLARE @adminId int
SELECT @adminId = [Key] FROM Roles WHERE Name = 'Admins'

DECLARE @userId int
SELECT @userId = [Key] FROM Users where Username = 'username'

INSERT INTO UserRoles(UserKey, RoleKey) VALUES(@userId, @adminId)
  1. You should now be up and running!

Known issues

When debugging, you might see this exception: SimpleInjector.ActivationException: 'The given type IControllerActivator is not a concrete type. Please use one of the other overloads to register this type.'. Just ignore this and keep running.

Leave items as they are in the nugetgallery folder

  1. Please don't fix anything in the nugetgallery folder or subfolder. Instead you should copy the unchanged item over to chocolatey/Website.
  2. Then remove the old item from the Visual Studio project and add the newly copied item to the project.
  3. Save the project and commit your changes.
  4. Make your changes as normal now.